Telescope- Lennon & Maisy Stella - Nashville Soundtrack

This is my Theme song for this young Monday morning, I thought I would share - stay blessed everyone! 

The Everyday Struggle

I have been feeling some kind of way lately. I typically never let race affect me…I notice it, it’s so blatant sometimes because of language, personality and my history but lately it’s been showing it’s head in some ways that  I don’t particularly like.  I am a beautiful intelligent woman and have been in situation as of late where my opinion is not heard or I believed valued over my counter parts of a lighter persuasion. I am not sure the person(s) who do this even know they are doing it. I think it is so automatic, they can’t help but to maybe feel more comfortable or at ease listening to or talking to someone like them.

At first I tried not to link it to race but what else could it be? I have proven myself to be a reliable, dependable source also. I hate to think like this…I hate to also know, that it is true. I am very intuitive and sometimes too much so. I can read peoples actions, their body movements…you know I was reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell a few years ago and he stated that Black Women are almost surely to get hustled when buying a car. I know this is true cause this has been my experience several times. Of course I learned from those experiences but how unfortunate we still live in a day and age where race supersedes quality - quality of abilities, financial standing, personal achievements…quality of the person. 

We are all such beautiful people, I hope we can move past such nonsense.  We have come along way but should I be grateful that we are not living in segregation, or even slavery…no I am shameful that it even existed.  



So I was looking for audio books on youtube and have been exploring some of the classics. Well I looked at “The Great Gatsby” and lo and behold  there is a movie coming out! I love this Lana Del Rey, I know I am probably late but oh her voice is unique. Florence and the Machine also has a new song Over the Love of You and her voice is just majestic. Can’t wait to see the movie and listen to the full songs!   


Slow motion beats no motion

My cousin Mac always says